Inspiration Thursday: Zentangles

When I went to get a sketch book for work to do my Spoon Challenges and other doodles in, I went ahead and got a book on Zentangles.  I had known about Zentangles for a while, but never really looked into them.  I decided that since I have some sections of my day where I’m not doing much of anything, it might be the best time to do a little meditation with drawing (when I’m not knitting, of course).  The book I purchased is called Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall.  I like the step by step format, and it makes it easy to learn the patterns.  I made a Cabin Floor Zentangle this morning.


I really enjoyed this process.  However, when the phone rang, it made me jump out of my state of meditation and concentration.  I guess that’s the price I have to pay.

Ever since I can remember, my Mom always doodled when she was on the phone, usually on a napkin or a corner of a newspaper.  Zentangles remind me of those phonecall doodles.

In other inspiration news this week, I signed up to support Lucy Bellwood on Patreon.  I kind of fangirl over her…like, more than I normally would over an artist.  I think it’s because she and Dylan do similar things (ship stuff, except he doesn’t draw about it, but he can attest for my fangirling).  I read Baggywrinkles online for the first time last summer when Dylan was off sailing around Europe on the Gothenburg (Göteborg).  I then found hard copies of Baggywrinkles when I was visiting Vancouver at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in May.  I had a little mini fan girl moment there, and made my brother read them.  So, yeah.  Go support one of my favoritest artists!

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